"Ta mysz lubi małe owoce."

Translation:This mouse likes small fruit.

December 15, 2015



Are there supposed to be any tips and notes here (about adjectives)? Or they are not necessary in this case?

December 15, 2015


That's a quite simple, regular rule. Only the end of the adjective will change.

For example: adjectives fast, slow, tall, small, good, colourful.

rodzaj męski [male (singular)] ends with y/i - szybki, wolny, wysoki, mały, dobry, kolorowy

r. żeński [female (singular)] ends with a - szybka. wolna, wysoka, mała, dobra, kolorowa

r. nijaki [neutral (singular)] ends with e/ie - szybkie, wolne, wysokie, małe, dobre, kolorowe

r. męskoosobowy [male (plural)] ends with y/i - szybcy, wolni, wysocy, mali, dobrzy, kolorowi

r. niemęskoosobowy [not-male (plural)] - as neutral (singular)

We use male(plural) if there are at least one male in described group.

I don't know, if my reply is clear and will be helpful, but maybe someone will read and it will help him to remember.

December 15, 2015


Thank you very much! Your reply is really helpful.

December 18, 2015
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