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"Strendene i landet mitt er store."

Translation:The beaches in my country are big.

December 15, 2015



why "er store" is not pronunced with "rs"?


why not "strandene"?


Some words change in plural (tann, tenner)


I wish that I had not missed that note. Getting dinged for writing strAndene was very confusing.


Is there something wrong with the audio on this? Sounds more like "stuga" than store


Question about "et land"--in the phrase "overalt i landet" it sounds like it means country in the sense of a rural area. In this sentence, however, "i landet mitt" makes it sound like it means nation, as in "The beaches in Norway". Does "land" have both meanings, or is it common in Norwegian to refer to a rural area as one's own?


"Landet" can mean both, but you'll have prepositions to guide you:

i landet = in the country (= nation)
landet = in the country(side), in (the) rural areas


Aha, so "overalt i landet" is really something like "across the nation" or "everywhere in the nation". Tusen takk!


Here we go again... is "StrEndene" only used for the beacheS... because I keep seeing "StrAnden" for the beach... and I have BEEN trying to figure out the rule on when it's A and when it's E... this is just a guess.


See other comment above, some words change in plural (tann/tenner=tooth/teeth for example, or bok/bøker=book/books)


I typed the exact correct answer but it say the correct answer is and it is exactly what I typed


One: did you report it?
Two: am I at all correct in assuming that English is not your first language.


This seems like a really weird sentence. I can imagine saying, 'The beaches in my country are long', or maybe even wide at a stretch (if you have to walk a long way down to the water), but not 'big'.

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