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  5. "I am eating an apple."

"I am eating an apple."

Translation:Jem jabłko.

December 15, 2015



Some words sound like Russian ones(Ona, On , Jem)


Is Jem used when you are talking about yourself? Ex I am eating an apple?


Yes. "Jem" is the first-person (when you talk about YOU), singular (only one) conjugation of the verb "jesc," meaning "to eat."


it says that I have a typo but that diagonal t letter isn't on my keyboard! ugh


It's not a variant of T, it's a variant of L. Of course, using L will also be treated as a typo. You just need a Polish keyboard. Or SwiftKey, if you are on your phone.


I used "U" and it was accepted


The program is probably too lenient with typos...


It's not a "t." It's an "l." There are two "l"'s in the Polish alphabet. The first, "l;" pronounced "leh," is used like we would use it in the English language. The second, pronounced "weh," has a slash that runs ascending, diagonally from left to right; and is used where and how we would use a "w."


It's under the "L" with me


Depending on the device you're using, and which input language is selected. Mine pops-up when I press and hold "t"


What? ł (Ł) is a variant of L, not of T.


Why jem and not jestem?


Jem means I eat, and jestem means I am.


Jem means "I am eating," or "I eat." Jestem means "I am...," meaning I am (insert something permanent). I.e. "Jestem Polski: I am Polish."


I'm afraid that "Jestem Polski" doesn't make sense. We can say "polski samolot" (a Polish airplane), or "polski piłkarz" (a Polish footballer), but to say what is my nationality, we use nouns. A man will say "Jestem Polakiem" and a woman will say "Jestem Polką". They are capitalized, while the adjectives are not.


So you can omit pronouns (I, he, she) and just use the verbs?


Yes, almost always. They are obvious from the form of the verb. The only potential problem is 3rd person, but as normally you have some context, the subject will probably be obvious from the context.


This question is directed towards Duolingo. Where can the Slavic keyboard be found? I don't have the option on my phone and I'm not learning correctly


Somewhere in the settings on your phone you can enable a Polish keyboard, but an easier solution may be downloading an app call SwiftKey and then you can have up to 5 keyboards there. For example you could have the diactritic marks for German, Spanish and Polish on the same keyboard.


A little side note said, "pay attention to the accents." My type-pad doesn't HAVE accents, or "foreign" letters.


I just discovered something cool about my phone. Even without Swiftkey, I can interchange use of the English and Polish alphabets.


"je" is "he/she/it is eating", not "I am eating".

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