"Это большой и важный город."

Translation:It is a large and important city.

December 15, 2015

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A question for native English speakers: Is it wrong to put an extra article when listing adjectives? I wrote: "It is a big and an important city" and it was marked wrong. Thanks :)


Hmm, I can't think of a rule that forbids it. Maybe a teacher of English will chime in.

I think it's grammatical, and I think I've come across it in print, but it's an unusual construction. It strongly underlines the two adjectives. Sort. Of. Like. Doing. This. But that's not grammatical, nor used by grownups. ))


It works too. Added it.


okay thanks! :) there was one other question in the section that did the same thing with это.


Just make sure you report these things when you come across them :)


Would those adjective endings indicate that 'город' is neutral noun? Or perhaps a masculine noun?


Is there a different word for town cause when you click on город it suggest only city

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