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"The girl is not eating lunch."

Translation:Jenta spiser ikke lunsj.

December 15, 2015



Where CAN we report issues? It tells us not to here, but since there are no comments -- I have a great microphone in front of me, but it keeps recording me as saying words I didn't say, no matter how slow I speak (meaning I get them wrong)


That's a Duolingo thing, I think. I do the German tree and have the same issues on both mobile and laptop. Sometimes it fails me on simple sentences that I know I pronounce correctly even down to mimicking the intonation of the robo-voice. And then I mumble some multisyllable complication through my lunch and it goes through with all words marked green!

I don't know if there is anything to be done, but I'll look through the discussion on the editing side of Duo.


This might be a stupid question for those of you who have more experience, but why is it "Jenta spiser ikke lunsj" and not "Jenta ikke spiser lunsj?"

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The negation (ikke) belongs after the verb.


Maybe simpel explanation but why if i say : "Jenta HAR spiser ikke lunsj" that doesn't work ?

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"Has eaten" (har spist) is a different tense.

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