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  5. "Kedi dışarıya çıkıyor."

"Kedi dışarıya çıkıyor."

Translation:The cat is going outside.

December 15, 2015



Difference between çikiyor and gidiyor?


What's the difference between dışına and dışarıya?


Dışarı 'outside' + dative (y)a .. so it's general Dış 'outside' + possessive ı + dative (n)a .. so it's specific to the noun preceeding it -- outside of ....


So in "Kedi evin dışına çıkıyor." dışına is referring specifically to the outside of the house, while in "Kedi dışarıya çıkıyor." dışarıya just means outside generally and not outside a specific place. Right?


I think you are right. but it is my question too... although, no one has answered your question during the last two years!!!!! It is disappointing!


Isn't "kedi çıkıyor" sufficient? Why do we have to say "the cat is going out to the outside"?


çıkmak by itself just means 'to go out/to exit' (you can, for example, go out of a room). This is different in meaning than "to go outside" which means that you have to physically out outdoors. Just like in English, you have to include the word "outside" to get this meaning clearly.

Also, "to the outside" is grammatically incorrect. It doesn't make sense in English ("outside" is one of a few words that does take articles and doesn't take the preposition "to" when talking about motion. Another example is "home" :) )


Unusual, but not grammatically incorrect. I'm going to the outside of the space ship. I'm going to the (old folks) home caring for my grandmother. These change the usual sense of outside or home, but there it is.


I wrote " the cat is leaving to the outside" and it is marked as wrong. I didn´t understand why!!


Is it common to replace the verbs gelmek and gitmek with girmek and çıkmak when paired with içeriye and dışarıya? For example, is it just as common or more common to say, "Kedi dışarıya çıkıyor," instead of, "Kedi dışarıya gidiyor/geliyor."?


is there a difference between cikiyor and gidiyor??? Sorry i cant get the special letters on here


Why we need "A" in "A cat is going outside" ?


why wouldn't kedi cikiyor be enough


I think it's because you can exit a place, for example a bedroom, without necessarily going outside.


What are the difference between, ( dışında , dışarından , dışarıya , dışna ) ??? Please !!


Can "çıtmak" also mean to go out for drinks, similar to "salir(esp), sortir(fra), uscire (ita)?


why do we have to include 'dışarıya' ? I guess its sufficient to say 'çıkıyor' , like, Kedi çıkıyor?

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