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Will Duolingo allow UK English?

I remember when working on the "Food" skill one of the words was "Potato Chips". When you hovered over the Spanish words, the only translation was "Potato Chips". In the UK they are referred to as "Potato Crisps", so can someone fix this to accept international answers? Also this applies to all skills and words.

December 15, 2015



This is a bit of an issue, especially with newer courses. Whenever something should be marked correct but isn't for this reason, report it. All courses are still being maintained and those who work on them will add acceptable variations as they are reported. I do this on a daily basis for the newer courses I'm taking like Catalan and Polish. The creators may not have been equally familiar with all dialects of English, so they won't have thought to add everything, but they are nearly always happy to add it once it comes to their attention so report, report, report.


I think I've only once ever had to report because UK English wasn't accepted, it may default to the US version, but "colour" is always accepted for "color" (which my spellcheck has just underlined) for example.


I think Duo allows most UK English so maybe crisps or potato crisps will be added to the acceptable list of correct answers.


I use Canadian English, which is essentially a mixture of American and British English, and I don't recall ever being marked wrong or having a word highlighted as a typo for being "unamerican." So I think it's fine to use whatever variety of English you're more comfortable with.


Crisps, not potato crisps. Potato is redundant.


Potato got laid off! When did that happen? ;-)


I suggest that you enter the UK equivalent and if it's not accepted then report it. The mods are usually pretty good at adding alternative translations, providing they're valid.

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