"The older he gets, the less he understands."

Translation:Jo eldre han blir, jo mindre forstår han.

December 15, 2015

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Genie, my first wish is to get the word order right just once!


Why does the location of han differ for blir (before) compared with forstår (after)?


It is the jo. I don't know why, but the base form is jo - comparative - pronoun - verb, jo - comparative - verb - pronoun.

Comparative/parallell sentences are made with jo - jo, jo - dess, jo - desto, dess - dess, dess - desto. They seem more or less interchangeable.


Hmm, sounds like another one to just try and remember . Thanks.


That latter part literally is like a tongue twister for the mind. I understand it NOT.


Sometimes it is the opposite.


Ok, it changes of meaning, but could "gamlere" be used instead?


There are a few irregular verbs that change in the comparative form. Unfortunately, you must memorize them. In this case, "gammel" --> "eldre" --> "eldst" The others are: - Få, færre, færrest - God, bedre, best - Ill/vond, verre, verst - Ung, yngre, yngst - Tung, tyngre, tyngst - Stor, større, størst - Mye, mer, mest - Mange, flere, flest - Liten, mindre, minst - Lang, lengre, lengst

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