"Chłopcy lubią ciasteczka."

Translation:The boys like cookies.

December 15, 2015

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"You have a typo in you answer". What, really? :)


Are ciasteczka "cookies" in the American sense or the British one? Or are they different again?


How would you distinguish from saying "The boys like cookies" (which comes across as you are talking about a specific group of boys who like cookies) versus "Boys like cookies" (as if you were trying to say that all boys generally like cookies)?


ci chłopcy "these boys"

wszyscy chłopcy "all boys"

There are no articles, "a," "an," or "the," in most Slavic languages.


My Polish wife says that 'The boys like cookies' and 'Boys like cookies' both translate to 'chłopcy lubią ciasteczka.' If you want to refer to a particular group of boys you have to name them. Alternatively, you could refer to 'All boys', as in 'wszyscy chłopcy lubią ciasteczka.' If you are learning English UK, not English US, may I request that cookies be kept solely for website technology! We have biscuits, cakes, tea cakes (not 'cup cakes') and really tasty scones. With Cornish cream. And raspberry jam.


Whats the difference between Lubia and Lubią. I find the hardest thing about learning Polish is the different ways to use one word :')


There's no such form as "lubia". "lubią" is the "they" form. You have:

  • (ja) lubię = I like
  • (ty) lubisz = you (sg.) like
  • (on/ona/ono) lubi = he/she/it likes
  • (my) lubimy = we like
  • (wy) lubicie = you (pl.) like
  • (oni/one) lubią = they like

"oni" is used when there's at least one man among "them", "one" when there is none.


Why is "Boys love biscuits" wrongß


We translate "like" as "lubić" and "love" as "kochać".


I know it's wrong for American English because a biscuit and a cookie are two different things. But for British English, a biscuit is the equivalent of an American cookie


So how would you express in Polish the difference between "The (these boys in particular) boys like cookies" and "Boys (a general statement about all boys) like cookies"?


Ci chłopcy "These boys." There is no "the"

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