"My cookies are tasty."

Translation:Moje ciasteczka są smaczne.

December 15, 2015

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pyszny = delicious


It's telling me to use ciastka instead of ciasteczka, but I'm reading that ciastka is the diminutive form? We haven't learnt anything about diminutive form yet, if I'm not mistaken.


"ciasteczka" is the diminutive form, "ciastka" is the basic one. The course creators decided to teach "ciasteczka" and I personally do not understand that decision.


When do we use 'są' instead of 'to'? Just so i can understand a bit better. Thanks


My personal view is that "to" is a bit like an "=" sign. It can only be used when you have nouns/noun phrases on both sides. As here you only have an adjective 'on the right-hand side', you can't use "to".

If the sentence was "My cookies are tasty cookies", silly as it is, that could be "Moje ciasteczka to smaczne ciasteczka". Or "Moje ciasteczka są smacznymi ciasteczkami", with the second noun phrase in Instrumental.

Just in case, more info here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/16373167

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