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  5. "Я лежу на спине."

"Я лежу на спине."

Translation:I am lying on my back.

December 15, 2015



The moment when you get it wrong because you failed at your own native language and wrote "I am laying on my back"


С - S
П - P
И - I
Н - N
Е - E

It took me too long to realize this, as I was trying to memorize "speenye


Note that the nominative form of this is still "спина"!


I thought about it


"Я лежу на спине. Translation: I am lying on my back." Could it also be somebody else's back?


Whose back do you normally lie on? If you mean someone else's back, you'll need to explain that.


Wouldn't you like to know everything? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


No. If you'd lie on smb else's back you'd say Я лежу на его/твоей спине.


Okay thanks


Russians usually don't use any pronouns when talking about body parts (same goes with family members and relatives).

Ex: Я почистила зубы- I brushed (my) teeth. Вы вымыли руки?- Have you washed (your) hands?

I believe if they put pronouns such as его, её, etc, they brushed someone else's teeth or washed somebody else's hands. Either that, it would sound strange to them. I hope this helped! ^_^


It´s like German "Ich liege auf dem Rücken", and so I translated "I am lying on the back", which is apparently not admitted in English ...


DL gives "spine" on hover. However, as near as I can tell, that is not a good translation, despite the similarity of the sounds. .For "spine" I find позвоночник or спинной хревет, also хревет alone, but not срина alone, which seems to refer rather to the whole back. Why do they give the first (preferred?) translation as "spine"?


It's хреБет and сПина first of all, you should get used to cyrillics. As for 'spine' позвоночник would certainly be the preferred translation.


'i am laying on my back' was not accepted?


Laying is a more active thing. You can lay an object down, or you can lay yourself down, but once you are there, you are lying down.


thanks - I'm British and it seems I can't even master my own language, let alone Russian! haha

Just looked up the difference between lay down and lie down... thanks


Pretty normal sentence for me to describe myself with


the word bank did not have "my" so it wasn't possible to get this right using the word bank.


No need to tell that it is my back - the russian sentence does not say it is my back...

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