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  5. "Kanapka jest smaczna!"

"Kanapka jest smaczna!"

Translation:The sandwich is tasty!

December 15, 2015



jest + noun (instrumental)

jest + adjective (nominative) ?


Yes. Or to put it differently: Instrumental is used as an aswer to question Who/What is he/she/it? and Nominative to answer questions What is he/she/it like?.


Shouldn't it also accept "delicious" in place of "tasty"?


We translate "delicious" to "pyszna".


I would argue that "delicious" and "tasty" are basically synonyms in English; I feel like it ought to be accepted for the Polish to English translation question at least.


We discussed it many times and decided to go the other way, I'm afraid.


So I understand that "The" or "A" is hidden in this language but what if I am talking very generally about sth ? like how do i say "Sandwich is tasty" in polish ? just like when i wanna say "Pizza is delicious" ...


You could say just kanapka jest smaczna or pizza jest pyszna (and in some contexts it would be enough) or more often use plural (meaning the general collective of such things): kanapki są smaczne, pizze są pyszne.

But it really depends on context, if you argue with somebody about the taste of a general pizza, either of those would be probably OK.


Thanks a lot! so should i report it ? I wrote " sandwich is tasty" and Duo didn't accept it.


Even though Polish doesn't have articles, you need to use them while translating into English, so it should be a/the sandwich is tasty.


Further: English also uses the plural for statements of general truth, so had it been "sandwiches are tasty" you would have been okay.


What silmeth said, plus "Kanapka jest smaczna!" can be translated either as "Sandwich is tasty", "A sandwich is tasty"or "The sandwich is tasty" depending on the context. But if you want to stress that this particular sandwich is tasty (Which in English you would do either by saying "The sandwich is tasty!" or "This sandwich is tasty!") in Polish you'd say "Ta kanapka jest smaczna!" ("ta" = "this")


The translation "Sandwich is tasty" is not correct.
"A sandwich/ The sandwich is tasty/!" is correct.

The sentence "Sandwiches are tasty" is correct,
buy it is a translation of: "Kanapki smaczne.


Why i need to put "The" before sandwich


Either "the" or "a", to make the sentence grammatically correct.


I dont think you should be penalised for writing sandwich wrong in English


Well... the algorithm needs to be able to recognize that you meant a sandwich. Some typos are accepted, but we have no power over what is accepted and what is not.


I was writing the answer correct and was telling me not to write in polish.


While this is not an unknown behaviour, so in general I believe you, we really need screenshots of this issue.

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