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"Je voudrais manger quelque chose."

Translation:I would like to eat something.

December 7, 2013



As a native English speaker with a good education, I find that "I would like to eat something" sounds somewhat awkward. I think that "I would like something to eat" is a much more natural sounding sentence, and it functionally has the same meaning.

However, "I would like something to eat" is marked as incorrect, and I cannot understand any good reason why.


The reason is because in order to say "I would like something to eat" it would be different. That would be "je voudrais quelque chose à manger"


In romanian you use the sentence in the same way as in french : "i would like to eat something", so it is not that awkward. Probably all romance languages use that sentence in the same way.


I used "want to," instead of, would like to, and Duo marked it wrong.


Yes, I agree. I am hungry so, "I want something to eat". It is probably and English thing. I am still trying to learn "American" and I have been here 19 years, and still failing at it.


So do I but only been speaking UK English for over half a century., obviously beginner rank.


Yes I did too. I think "want" is ok my book says vouloir means "to want". but hey it's french so who knows.


But "voudrais" = "would like" was in the first Restaurant skill's tips section:


It was in the first French tree so we know this already.


I did too. It means the same thing in english.


Please accept, "I would like something to eat." As has been suggested already, this is the natural English translation.


Does the difference in pronunciation between the conditional "-ais" and the future "-ai" exist everywhere in French, or is it a regional thing? Wiktionnaire indicates the difference, but I thought I had heard once that pronouncing them differently was a québécois thing?


-ais is a è sound (open mouth) like in "bed".

-ai is a é sound (smile) like in "cliche"

This is the official rule. However, many French people do not mark this difference and pronounce both like "è", all the more if they don't know conjugations and write the future suffix like the conditional suffix, which is unfortunately very frequent.


What's the difference between this and "I would like something to eat"


No real difference in meaning but in construction:

I would like something to eat = Je voudrais quelque chose à manger.


So voudrais is used instead of je veux?


Yes, in the conditional, "voudrais" sounds more polite.


Voudrais is would like, veux is want


So, in "voulez vous manger" "like is not accepted - but in " je voudrais manger" "want" is not acceptable???


Voulez-vous ? = Do you want?
Aimez-vous ? = Do you like/love?

Voudriez-vous ? / Aimeriez-vous ? = Would you like? - This is the conditional present tense used for polite requests and only in that case, can "vouloir" and "aimer" mean the same and are interchangeable.


why not something else with quelque and chose


"quelque chose" means something.

something else = "quelque chose d'autre"


Yes! I too would like something to eat.


In English the terms want and would like are interchangeable. Why is it wrong in translation.


Tenses and moods have to match: I want = Je veux; I would like = Je voudrais.


Wendy: What Sitesurf said. Also, because you're learning French, not English. They're not the same in English, either, but we don't learn as many tenses as the French do.


I agree. I see one as being a little more polite, but I would've thought they're essentially interchangeable. Okay, I just googled it and it seems like it's similar to English. Je veux is a little more abrupt and impolite in comparison to je voudrais.


In English, we say "I would like something to eat."


I would like to eat something that tastes better than what we had yesterday.

[deactivated user]

    "I should like to eat something." is marked incorrect. Why?


    That COULD be correct, but they don't use that wording in the USA.


    I would sleep now , i will tomorrow


    I want to eat something was marked wrong


    want is not the same as would like


    I have been hacked and I can't use my computer. I can listen the stories


    I always get these damn kind of sentences when I'm trying to ignore that I'm really hungry while rushing through my study session.


    why not 'I should' rather than 'I would' like


    When is it more appropriate to use "voudrais" vs "veux"


    "Je voudrais" or "j'aimerais" are interchangeable and more polite than "je veux" when you express a wish or ask for sth.


    my spanish brain is breaking right now


    In other exercises (where you have to pick a word from the list) it's always "want", there is hardly ever "would like" available, yet here you have to type "would like" to get the answer correct. That's very misleading because I do know the difference between veux and voudrais, I just thought - based on previous exercises - it was ok to use these interchangeably...


    I don't know why "would like" wasn't available for you, but since "voudrais" was in the Tips section of the first Restaurant lesson (https://www.duolingo.com/skill/fr/Restaurant/tips) I used "would like" or "'d like" all the time in the exercises for "voudrais" and it was always available.

    In fact, a lot of people asked in the discussions that why "want" was wrong in those exercises.


    My question was "Je veux manger quelque chose" and it linked to this discussion...

    It also did not accept my answer as "I want to eat anything" because it wanted "something." Bit annoying since Duolingo says quelque chose can be translated either way.


    I swear Duo has accepted "I want" for "Je voudrais" before. So randomly marking it wrong now... the inconsistency is frustrating more than anything.


    I am confused about why this is marked incorrect. The answer is "I would like something to eat," but I don't know why "I want something to eat" is not accepted.


    Because "voudrais" is polite, the "veux = want" is rather blunt, so you need to be polite with "would like".


    why not I want to eat something?


    Why its 'Manger' not 'Mange'?


    I wrote the answer exactly (word for word) as the corrected answer was written so I don't undersatand why mine was not recognised as correct


    I want to eat something is the same


    in this sentence as a native english speaker id either say "i want something to eat" or i would like something to eat" i've also noticed on duolingo it'll vary whether would like or want is the correct answer seemingly randomly

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