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In progress: Duolingo Polish vocabulary list on Memrise.com

I began the Polish course on Duolingo a few days ago, and I wanted to intensify my vocabulary practice using the Memrise.com website.


Constructive comments and suggestions are appreciated.

December 15, 2015



Thanks for this. On the german course there was a memrise course which had only the nouns and verbs in the infinitive rather than phrases.


Inspired by the course above and having finished it, I am in the process of creating a Memrise course for Dueling Polish for Checkpoint 2 vocabulary, I would appreciate any corrections or feedback,



Is there an option (on Memrise) to skip many levels at once? I would love to review many words in different language and it looks like a nice tool to do that but I'm really not into redoing all learning (especially as it takes so long for Memrise to believe that we know a word).


I don' t know about skipping levels, but you can ignore words, and that should be the same as skipping them.

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