"Jakie masz marzenie?"

Translation:What is your dream?

December 15, 2015

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This translation is too loose. The idea translates correctly, but it's a different sentence by structure.

Jakie masz marzenie? = What dreams do you have?

What is your dream? = Jake jest twoje marzenie?

Am I right, my Polish friends?


Almost right, but I think both versions are close enough.

"Almost", because there's no need to mix sg "marzenie" and pl "dreams", you could just ask "Jakie masz marzenia?" in plural.

And now there's a question of which sentence is more natural in its langugage. I can't speak for English, but my guess would be for "What is your dream?". And in Polish... I'd say 60/40 to "jakie masz marzenie?"

You can also ask "O czym marzysz?" = What do you dream about?, with 'dream' of course still not meaning anything about sleep.


Thanks for that


So are you saying that marzysz never means sleeping dreams?


Yes, sleeping dreams are sny (singular: sen). But, in my opinion, the most elegant way to ask "What did you dream about?" is with the verb śnić się:
"Co ci się (przy)śniło?"


Sometimes they overlap a bit and you could find "marzenie senne" somewhere referring to a dream that you dream at night, but that's rather poetic.


What is the difference between "Sen" and "Marzenie", they both translate to "dream" in English.


"Marzenie" is something you want to happen, an aspiration. "Sen" (plural: "sny") is what you dream while sleeping (you sometimes say "marzenie senne"). "Sen" can also refer to the action/state of sleeping. E.g.

Moim marzeniem jest zostać pilotem. = My dream is to become a pilot.

Miałem dziwny sen. = I had a weird dream.

Zapadł w głęboki sen. = He fell into a deep sleep.


'sen' - a series of thoughts, visions, or feelings that happen during sleep 'marzenie' - something that you have wanted very much to do, be, or have for a long time


Is this like a dream for the future


Yes, a dream to become a doctor in the future, not a dream you dream at night (which is "sen").


Is "Co jest twoim marzeniem?" The same meaning?


Yes, the same. It works.


How would "What are your dreams?" be translated


"Jakie są twoje marzenia", literally. Although it's quite okay as a sentence, I'd go for the version with 'have', anyway.


For me jaki and jakie still sounds equal... why not Jaki masz marzenie?


I said 'What dream do you have? I think that translates the same but I expect I speak English in an archaic way!


I'd say it's fine. Scottish, by any chance?


Irish, if I recall Stewart288923's origin correctly.

Anyway, that answer works already.

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