New to Norwegian.

Hi all! I've been learning German for a few years now, and decided a long time ago that it was time to start on a new Germanic language.

After a huge amount of procrastinating I've finally settled on Norwegian- the country has some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen, its history is fascinating, and the structure and sound of the language are gorgeous.

What made up my mind? Well, I've been reading a lot about various Germanic languages to try and make up my mind, but the deciding factor was... the movie Trolljegeren.

I know it's not the most serious of movies, but I'd never really heard a great deal of spoken Norwegian, and it was like music to my ears. That sound, and the stunning scenery, have given me two great goals to aim for.

Thanks for having me. :)

December 15, 2015


Norwegian is a great choice, welcome to the tree and the Norwegian corner of DuoLingo! And good luck learning! Lykke til!

Extremely helpful- tusen takk!

That was a rather entertaining movie... You may want to check out Ragnarok now, also available on Netflix.

Welcome to the language!

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