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Joke for a little break

Hi all,

Did you know that the Russian work for the «sock» is «no sock»?

Have a great time in learning here! :)

December 16, 2015



The Russian word for Santa Claus is "dead morose"


The Russian word which sounds as "rock" means "fate". Personally I think that fact had a great influence on the Russian rock music

Поэт в России - больше, чем поэт
В России все поэты - рок-артисты

(In Russia a poet is more than a poet
In Russia all poets are rock artists)


Lol, that's.. that's pretty awesome. XD

Would there be any Россиы рок-артисты you'd recommend?


Рок-артисты России - rock artists of Russia.
Русские/российские рок-артисты - Russian rock artists

I can't really make recommendations because I don't like rock. I know a few names.


Thanks! I figured the safest bet was to just mimic the endings. XD;


Я знаю "Вот пуля просвистела", много других артистов пели. Это хорошая песня :-)


In addition, from my Duo-friends:

"What can I do" — водки найду (I'll find vodka)
"yellow blue bus" = "я люблю вас" (I love you)


You look a more yeah! Doo-bop sale only
Sly tired saved now Doo-bop Tom.
I'd know no chew Coat ouch only
So cald it pass E. P. Crow on.
Idiot no Levi's Peace save or did
No private sky school Go award it.
Tom shoe desert Tom Lee shave broat it
Root sale cow no Wet back CD.
Tom now never do mix Door age car
Slim diner video nick Sphere A.
Is Bush car? Tom now cool Rich no-spa
Stop it be is Akon Edward A.
Tom source cash a note Sly Tom check it
Tom root sky dok Tom root sew pack net.
Ilya, Tom, Bill Me add pay may pill
Pose I'm tick low Wrote new purple, oh!


http://tomsk.fm/watch/18981 (watch video)

Here is the original:

У лукоморья дуб зелёный;
Златая цепь на дубе том:
И днём и ночью кот учёный
Всё ходит по цепи кругом;
Идёт направо - песнь заводит,
Налево - сказку говорит.
Там чудеса: там леший бродит,
Русалка на ветвях сидит;
Там на неведомых дорожках
Следы невиданных зверей;
Избушка там на курьих ножках
Стоит без окон, без дверей;
Там царь Кащей над златом чахнет;
Там русский дух... там Русью пахнет!
И там я был, и мёд я пил;
По усам текло, в рот не попало.


Warning, the video contains some strong language in English

Спасибо, очень смешно :-) I can somewhat understand the original, but I would never have figured out most of it from the English above :-)

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