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"У моей сестры большое сердце."

Translation:My sister has a big heart.

December 16, 2015



she probably has cardiomegaly


It's a disease obtained by visiting Whos down in Whoville. The Grinch is now under medical observation since his fateful visit.


"large" isn't OK? Only "big"?


I've never heard anyone use "large" that way in English.


This sentence can be interpreted literally: "my sister's heart is large in size" and it can also be understood as: "My sister is a very generous/caring person " . The Russian sentence lacks context, so therefore both English interpretations of it are correct.


Never thought of that... I've still never heard it in English. For some reason people don't normally talk about the literal size of their hearts... I guess if that's what you mean though it's correct.


Maybe they have a serious medical condition.


There is one, called CHF or chronic heart failure, dealing with an enlarged heart.


@Theron125 ... interesting that you've never heard it. I have in both contexts: when talking about an enlarged heart as a medical condition and as a metaphor to indicate generosity. The most well-known example of the latter would be Dr. Seuss' "How the Grinch stole Christmas" where the story refers to the Grinch as having a heart three sizes too small.


"big heart" is metaphor -- meaning kind/caring. "large heart" means only big in size, not a metaphor for personality


'Large' works too. It's accepted now.


I would say that in the Uk the expression "big heart" is used in sporting terms (as they will give everything they have in their body and spirit) and to note generosity of a person as mentioned. Also kind hearted person.


So Russian works like English in the alternate meanings of "heart", to refer to the organ, generosity/kindness etc.?


Off the top of my head, I think that association is a classic Greek one, so it is probably that way in many European (maybe more) languages.


Why is the sister in the genitive case?


Because of the possessive construction.


But in the genitive skill it says that only possessive constructions that are negative (у меня нет сестры) use the genitive declension. So why in this situation?


That's for the thing that's owned. Remember, сердце is the subject of this sentence, and if this was a negative statement, it would be in genitive. You need to compare У моей сестры... with у меня… which is in genitive.

Does it help to compare the sentence with: "A big heart belongs to my sister"?


To build upon what chirelchirel said, what's possessed is going to be in the genitive in the presence of нет, but regardless of that the construction used to express possession is [У + genitive] which literally means "next to [...] is."

  • У меня есть карандаш. -> У + [я in the genitive] -> "next to me exists a pencil" or in other words "I have a pencil."

  • У собаки свитер. -> У + [собака in the genitive] -> "next to the dog is a sweater" or in other words "the dog has a sweater."


Yes, that is very helpful! Thanks chirel!


Is it just me, or does большое sound like большой in this sentence? Is that how it's supposed to be pronounced?


It sounds similar because unstressed vowels are very reduced, and I find it even more so in adjective endings. But it would rarely cause confusion by mishearing an adjective since they are almost always plainly attached to a noun.


Is it bad that I thought of the literal meaning first?


No, I thought of it as well.


Why "Great" is not accepted?


That would be великое.


Although "great" can mean "big", that's an archaic idiom; nowadays you mainly see it only in poetry and the like. Even then, if I saw "great heart" I would probably interpret it to mean "very good heart", not "big heart".


careful she doesn't dilapidate your parents' fortune!


As a physician, сardiomegaly = enlarged heart. One could also say she has a large or big heart. The English expression, "She has a big heart," also means she is kind, caring or generous, but "She has a large heart" would not usually mean kind/ generous


There is a difference in the pronunciation of сестры between the "normal" and the slow audio (I think the former is correct).

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