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"Мне надо сварить суп и помыть посуду."

Translation:I need to cook the soup and wash the dishes.

December 16, 2015



What is the difference between сварить and готовить?


Given готовить is more prepare type cooking and сварить is more boiling type cooking I went for "I need to bring the soup to the boil and wash the dishes" (I tried I need to boil the soup earlier which wasn't accepted either, which I understand as it isn't good English) but I suppose what I don't understand is whether or not сварить is used more for an already prepared soup that you are going to boil to reheat or for the whole process of preparing something like that requires boiling....

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In reference to soup (or any other food, whose cooking consist largely of extensive boiling/simmering), варить=готовить (imperfective) and сварить=приготовить (perfective).

Meantime, "to boil"="кипятить" (this word does not imply actual cooking, just boiling) and "to bring something to the boil"="вскипятить/скипятить".


Thank you, that's really helpful.


I wrote I need to prepare soup and wash dishes but it made me wrong


In previous lessons, cook was "gatovit"


Because сварить is boil?


I would think so, because in Dutch and Swedish we say ''to cook'' to say ''to boil'', while in English it is different.

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Why is "посуду" not related to only one pot or cookware if it's in singular?


I have the same question. If it is translated as dish"es" then why посуду instead of посуд"ы"?

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Russian "посуда" is uncountable, hence its plural is meaningless.


I put 'clean' instead of wash dishes and it was wrong. Is чистить really the only time I could get away with saying 'clean' or is duolingo getting a little picky?


It happened the same to me. Clean/wash? Is it about a meaning difference?


I wrote "tableware" and was marked wrong. Any thoughts? What if "потом" were in there?


why is mne nado "I should" and Nam nado " we must" ? where is the difference ?

[deactivated user]

    actually, no difference


    Посуда was made noun, why here is with -y ending?????

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    Посуду is the accusative case of Посуда.


    Does it really have to be the soup?

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    I don't think so. It depends on the context.


    I wrote, "I need to cook soup and clean the dishes." I was marked wrong on "clean." It said it was supposed to be "wash." Is there a specific reason "clean" doesn't work in this instance?


    In fact, wash refer as "to cleanse BY the action of liquid" whereas cleaning doesn't really need liquid and tends more to a result where it is "free of ± contamination". I guess "to clean dishes" is misused and it should be "to wash dishes" in all cases. An expression I guess.

    I guess its the same thing as using "cleanse" for dishes. I guess it could technically work as "to make something completely clean", but it sounds weird.

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    Agreed. English "to clean" focuses on the result, not on the method, and it corresponds to Russian "чистить/очистить" (imperfective/perfective".
    Meantime Russian "мыть" describes a process that requires some liquid (usually water) and hence directly corresponds to English "to wash".
    You can clean things with a dry brush or a damp wipe; you would need a lot more water to wash them.

    And in any case, "to clean dishes" is not a standard English substitute for washing dishes. In fact, the instructions that came with my dishwasher explicitly stated that I don't need to clean dishes before loading them into the dishwasher. Clearly, what it referred to was removing stuck pieces of food and not washing the dishes.


    I wrote "I need to cook the soup and to wash the dishes" and it really didn't like the extra "to" so it marked me as wrong. why?


    Maybe cuz it's grammatically wrong in English? Here, the grammatical error is a run-on sentence. So to fix that, you'll have to add a comma before the "and".


    In the translation of посуду there is dishes or tableware, why didnt it accept tableware?


    DL could kindly note that the second "to" in my translation "I need to cook the soup and to wash the dishes" is superfluous, but rejecting this as a real mistake seems to me to be exagerated and somewhat unfair ...


    whats the difference between приготовить and сварить?


    I put: I nees to boil (the) soup and wash the tableware. (the) because i tried with and without it, but the sentence was wrong anyway. Why this sentence is wrong? :(

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