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  5. "Thank you, bye!"

"Thank you, bye!"

Translation:Dziękuję, pa!

December 16, 2015



I thought "pa" was predominantly used by women. "cześć" is more unisex.


I would say that "pa" is more infantile/caressing/warm (I am not these are the best adjectives to describe it). Therefore you would typically use it when talking to someone with whom you have a closer relationship (closer friends, family; I don't think it is used predominantly by women). Another example would be talking to children or even babies: "pa pa!". "Cześć" is definitely more universal (although still informal, e.g. you wouldn't use "cześć" with a vendor in a grocery store -- you would say "do widzenia").

Note also that "cześć" can be used at the beginning ("hi/hello") and the end ("bye") of a conversation; "pa" - only at the end.


Dont recall hearing 'pa' in any Polish tv or movie. Neither have I heard it spoken when in Poland.


I am from Poland. I usually say pa.

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