"Czy ty nie jesteś kobietą?"

Translation:Are you not a woman?

December 16, 2015



Is the nie here just as an emphasis? Could you also have Czy ty jesteś kobietą? which would mean, 'Are you a women?'

December 16, 2015


It's a negation - "are you not a woman?".

December 16, 2015


Sorry but i seem to have missed the explanation of czy and it seems to do a lot. Can anyone help please

August 30, 2016


The main meaning of "czy" is to point out that we have a Yes/No question. In most questions it can be omitted, but I guess it's better for learners to use it, also it's better to use it in some more formal conversations.

However, I think it wouldn't be a good idea to omit it here, after all the question is already a bit unconventional and it could change the meaning a bit. "Czy ty nie jesteś kobietą?" seems like "you are a woman, right? I was almost sure, now I have some doubts, but you are one, right?" while "Ty nie jesteś kobietą?" would sound more like "I was sure that you are a woman and now I'm shocked that you are not". At least to my ear :)

You can also find "czy" as "or" in questions. "Wolisz zupę czy pizzę?" = "Do you prefer soup or pizza?"

August 31, 2016


Haha this sentence is funny

February 4, 2019


I think there is a mistake in the english sentence. \it is not the correct syntax i think (in the suggested solution)

January 28, 2016
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