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Jestem TRZECI!!!

Cześć goście!

I have completed my Polish tree, with a duration of 3 days and 1 hour. I've could've been the first user to reach level 11 in Polish and completed the tree, but br0d4 earned the title (behind him is Viersch). Well, at least I'm the third user to reach level 11 in Polish and completed the Polish for English tree.

Is anyone else Level 11?

December 16, 2015



br0d4 and Viersch are polish natives, so probably you are the first polish non native who has completed this tree ;)


Wow! Congrats for holding the record for being the 3rd to complete the Polish tree! You must have never slept! I don't know about Level 11, but BLAZERUNNER has reached Level 25. :)


Вітаю! (Congrats!) Polish is so weird for me. It's like someone decided to get Slavic languages mixed together and then smash their hand on a keyboard when deciding how to spell a word

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Congratulations! How did you like the course? :)


It wasn't bad, it was quite fun to learn a language that is considered medium for language learners. I like to learn, read, and write long words.


Gratuluję! That was fast. So how do you like Polish? ;)


Congratulations to you, although it is pretty invaluable to me that you finish in 3 days, without learning anything useful. My approach is to learn slow and steady and use duolingo as a support to my learning process. Competition seems sorry, but a bit pointless to me. Also same goes to XP people here, it is stupid, I can complete the tree on languages I already know of and Bazinga, it is 20,000 XP which is a fault or cheating in my eyes. Anyway, nice to know someone can do it.


For me I could probably get through the tree quickly, because I could already read Polish and get the general gist of it, I knew the nominative forms of a lot of words and the base of a good number of verbs, so I didn't worry too much about Cases and Genders.

It's a whole other story once you have to start translating more English sentences into Polish, I now spend a lot more time just keeping all the skills I've done golden than advancing further in the tree.

The first few days I was flying through it, now I'm lucky to have the time to clear one row of the tree in a day, because I always try to make sure everything above is still golden before advancing.


I completed the tree 3 days ago (on Sunday) and I'm pretty sure more native speakers achieved it, too. :) I assume you started learning Polish from scratch?


How do you know you're the third user to reach level 11 - does it tell you what # you are when you finish the tree?


I thought I was the third user, but there are more users who completed Polish for English before I did.

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