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"I have a lot of long pencils."

Translation:У меня много длинных карандашей.

December 16, 2015



Why doesn't "У меня есть много длинных карандашей" work?


I think because the focus here isn't on the fact that you have long pencils but on the number of long pencils that you have.


so "есть" always takes the focus onto itself?


"Есть" is emphasizing the existence of an object, rather than a characteristic (such as number). I guess here the fact of interest is not that you have pencils but that you have a lot of them. That said, I wouldn't be confident that "есть" is necessarily wrong here, it's maybe worth reporting just in case.


Because someone doesn't add this option yet, in just that


CJlon, your sentence is perfectly fine! Опять пьяные китайцы постарались ;)


What I was told by a native Russian speaker is that you only use есть if you are emphasizing the existence of something. As far as I can understand, that means if there are any modifiers that are not inherent properties (e.g. number, adjective) then you shouldn't use есть. In this case, the existence of pencils is implied, and "many" and "long" are simply saying what type of pencils they are. So there should be no "есть". This is my understanding. One example that I saw was I have a good jacket. I answered я меня хорошая куртка, it accepted that but also suggested я меня есть хорошая куртка. My interpretation is that in the first case, you have a jacket and you are saying it is good, in the second case, you are saying you have a "good jacket", as in a jacket used as formal wear or for special occasions.

You can think about the scenario where you go into a store. You wouldn't ask someone working there "Do you have many long pencils?" You would say "Do you have pencils?" and THEN you would ask what type they are.


Why not something like карандашов?


How is that possible? My experience is that pencils become really short almost immediately once you start using them and then stay short for 90% of their usable life.


What. This can be interpreted to be about the existence of many long pencils in my possession, and thus it should be with jest

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