"What color is the new refrigerator?"

Translation:Jakiego koloru jest nowa lodówka?

December 16, 2015

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"Jakiego koloru" is that genetive? If yes, what other constructions fit this pattern?


It's an expression. You can say: 'Lodówka jest koloru czerwonego' (genitive), 'Lodówka ma czerwony kolor' (accusative), or simply: 'Lodówka jest czerwona'.


Using the accusative ("Jaki kolor ma nowa lodówka?") is not accepted here.. It is accepted in some of other "what colour is.." exercise, why is this?


Must be an oversight, added now.


Can anyone explain 1. Why this sentence is in the genitive and not the accusative? 2. Can we use both? 3. If it actually matters which case we use for this type of expression? Thanks


The main answer is "Jakiego koloru jest ta lodówka?". "jakiego koloru" is Genitive here, it works like "Of what color is this refrigerator?" and as usually, 'of' suggests Genitive. Then you can answer "Ta lodówka jest koloru pomarańczowego", using Genitive as well, but a more probable thing is to simply say "Ta lodówka jest pomarańczowa".

An Accusative option is to say that the object 'has' some color. "Jaki kolor ma ta lodówka?" = What color does this refrigerator have? - 'jaki kolor' is in Accusative here, because of the verb "mieć".

The meanings are basically the same.


Ta lodówka to kolor pomaranczowy - Czy to dobre zdanie?


Your sentence means: This refrigerator is (the same thing as) the colour orange.


Never heard someone talking like that...you would say "ktòry kolor ma nowa lodówka" for example


But maybe its just my slang


"który kolor"? That sounds very strange to me. As if you had just, let's say, only five colours to choose from.

"Jaki kolor ma nowa lodówka" - this works, sure.

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