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  5. "These people are animals."

"These people are animals."

Translation:Ci ludzie to zwierzęta.

December 16, 2015



When is "to" used as compared to "sa"?

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Here the sentence can both be 'Ci ludzie to zwierzęta', 'Ci ludzie to są zwierzęta' but also 'Ci ludzie są zwierzętami' (without 'to')


Gabe, the later is in instrumental (zwierzętami) due to the use of 'być' ?

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As Wiki says (because frankly - I don't know why) about the case of the object of być verb:

The object is either in nominative or instrumental case; the former is often used when introducing oneself, and implies the object to be definite (Ja jestem Czesław, a to jest Marysia), in the latter the object is usually indefinite (Ona jest studentką "She is a student)


Dzięki za wyjaśnienie :)


Just tried "Ci ludzie to są zwierzęta", and it was not accepted.


Mixing those two constructions seems rather rare to me, but technically, it's correct... ok, added.


Thanks. I tried it because it was suggested above.
I'm sure I don't know the difference, if there is one, between "Ci ludzie to są zwierzęta" and "Ci ludzie są zwierzęta", or for that matter between " Ci ludzie są zwierzęta" and Ci ludzie to zwierzęta"


"Ci ludzie są zwierzęta" is grammatically wrong. If you don't use the construction with "to", but with a form of "to be", then you have to put the animals in Instrumental: "Ci ludzie są zwierzętami". Which in this specific sentence sounds quite weird, as if you meant it absolutely literally, not as an insult.

But normally, for example "Tygrys to zwierzę" and "Tygrys jest zwierzęciem" are both perfectly natural.

Mixing the two constructions by saying "X to jest Y" or "X to są Y" is rather rare, so we usually don't even accept it automatically.

P.S. In case you haven't seen it yet, check here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16373167


Thank you again. I "Ci ludzie są zwierzęta" is a mistake I shouldn't have made by now. The mixing of the two constructions did confuse me. Thanks for clearing that up, and thanks for the link.


So perhaps it's better to know that this mixing is possible, but not use it anyway ;)


My answer was "Ci ludzie są zwierzęta" and it was wrong, said it was supposed to be "Ci ludzie to zwierzęta.


Yes, so everything is correct.

"są zwierzęta" may only work in a sentence like "To są zwierzęta".

See here if you're confused: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/16373167

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