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Polish is out on iOS!

If you use iOS, you may want to check the updates for your Duolingo app – yesterday's update introduced Polish into the app!

Please note that the fact that Polish is here was not mentioned in the patch notes, so it may not be final yet. But for now, it's there and it seems to work just fine :)

December 16, 2015



Hopefully this means an Android update is just around the corner...


I'm getting my hopes up too.


If you don't want to wait for the official update, you can try this: 1. Select Polish language on the website 2. Open your Duolingo app 3. Ignore the message about Polish being not supported and tap on the background behind the message (it's easier in landscape mode)

But I guess you won't need this since apparently the official update for Android in on the way.

[deactivated user]

    It didn't work for me


    More than 2 years have passed, I'm pretty sure you don't need any workaround...


    I installed the update for Russian, but I didn't even notice Polish (I wasn't looking for it; I though it would take months). How did it happen so soon?


    Yes, it is there!! I knew there was a reason I got myself an iPhone on Saturday! :-)


    Wow that was quick! You get an A+ in efficiency, team Polish! :D


    I was very suprised to see Polish. Like wow, it hasn't even been on the website for a week! I was expecting Russian and then underneath it I saw Polish and I was very suprised. I don't really use the app a lot but that is still really awesome.


    So awesome ! Shame Catalan hasn't come out on it :(


    I noticed this late last night too. Updated Duo on my phone and suddenly got Polish and Russian appearing. Wonderful!


    Oh, I missed it. Thanks for pointing it out! =)


    Just install the Polish keyboard and then you can easily switch.


    I have the same problem. How do you install the Polish keyboard?


    for iOS 9:

    • Open settings
    • select "general"
    • select "keyboard"
    • select "keyboards"
    • tap "Add new keyboard"
    • scroll to Polish
    • tap on Polish

    You now have a Polish keyboard installed.

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