"Piszemy list?"

Translation:Are we writing a letter?

December 16, 2015



I think this translation is misleading. The intonation of the spoken words are not really clear and for me do not sound like a question. Wouldn't it be better to translate this as "We are writing a letter" or alternatively add "czy" or adjust the intonation?

December 16, 2015


I agree. I saw it being a question and I was like "huh?" It would be good to add "czy" at the beginning.

December 17, 2015


another translation could be, i think, "Should we write a letter?" but i dont know if this is accepted

September 30, 2017


I think "Shall" can work, but "Should" is too much.

October 2, 2017


well since there is a question mark, it should be read as a question and said as a question... and if you wrote, "we are writing a lettet" thats a statement not a question.

October 31, 2017


Does this work for future tense, or only for present? Tor instance, could we use this to say "are we writing a letter tomorrow?"?

December 22, 2018


It can work like 'Present Continuous in the future meaning' indeed, it can be about tomorrow.

December 27, 2018
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