"Piszemy list?"

Translation:Are we writing a letter?

December 16, 2015

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I think this translation is misleading. The intonation of the spoken words are not really clear and for me do not sound like a question. Wouldn't it be better to translate this as "We are writing a letter" or alternatively add "czy" or adjust the intonation?


I agree. I saw it being a question and I was like "huh?" It would be good to add "czy" at the beginning.


That old comment was about a completely different audio file. I can even agree that it still doesn't sound much like a question (adjusting intonation isn't easy currently), but when you translate, you translate a written sentence anyway, and the written sentence has a question mark, which doesn't leave any doubts.


the audio did not have a rising inflection and did not therefore sound like a question. I wrote, 'We are writing a letter,' and think this should be correct.


I put "Do we write a letter?" instead because "Are writing a letter?" doesn't make sense unless you are making fun of somebody putting you together on that sense.


Does this work for future tense, or only for present? Tor instance, could we use this to say "are we writing a letter tomorrow?"?


It can work like 'Present Continuous in the future meaning' indeed, it can be about tomorrow.


another translation could be, i think, "Should we write a letter?" but i dont know if this is accepted


I think "Shall" can work, but "Should" is too much.


Does it still make sense if i use pronouns for we in Polish to me you or you guys ? Because in english I'd say something like, "Are we going to the gym ?", to refer to one specific person. I was wondering if this could be used in Polish.


Proszę o zmianę pytania na " czy piszemy list"


A czemu? "czy" nie jest w najmniejszym stopniu potrzebne, by zadać pytanie w języku polskim.

Jest to oczywiście akceptowana odpowiedź.


I translated to "Are we writing a message?" and it was considered incorrect. Is there a reason for that?


The hint says "letter (message)" because we don't want you to think that it means "letter of the alphabet", but rather "a letter containing a message".

The word 'message' itself is way too unspecific. Granted, every letter contains a message, but not every message is written as a letter. Especially these days.

We are writing a message. - Piszemy wiadomość.

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