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  5. "Lubisz jasne kolory?"

"Lubisz jasne kolory?"

Translation:Do you like light colors?

December 16, 2015



If this is plural, I would have expected the ending in the adjective to end with -i instead of the -e. "Jasne" is for plural feminine and neuter, isn't it?


Yes. the masculine personal is "jaśni", but it's hard to find a natural use for it.


kolor is masculine so jasne, here, is an exception? Or is "jasne" typically used for all masculine plural as well as feminine plural and neuter plural?


'jasne' is either neuter singular or 'not masculine-personal plural'.

And as you have plural 'colours' there, and colours aren't masculine people nor people at all, that's 'jasne'.

A singular bright colour is of course "jasny kolor".


Bright can describe also a genius person? Jaśni mężczyźni mają nagrodę Nobla?


It can in English, but not in Polish.

'jasny' is mostly either 'bright' (bright colour, it's bright in this room) or 'clear' like in "Is everything clear?"


What case and number is this?


"lubić" takes Accusative. This is not masculine-personal plural.


it is accusative. (you need accusative after "lubić")


The ending for Kolory is hard for me to hear on this particular example. Sounds more like an en or em sound and less like y? Maybe it is the lifting terminal indicating the question that pitched the y sound for me?


It sounds very clear for me actually (even 'too clear', in a way), but as most languages don't have this sound, people have often problems perceiving it.


"Jasne" means "clear" or "bright". I've wrote "clear", but it was mistake. Have a screenshot.


You wrote "have a screenshot" but we can't see any.

Anyway, I don't believe "clear colors" make much sense in English, and it sure doesn't mean "jasne kolory". Yes, I know that "clear" is a hint for "jasne", but hints are for the whole course, they don't work in all contexts.

Also, I'm changing the main answer to "light colors" here.


I wrote kolore instead of kolory and it didn't tell me there was a typo, are both okay?


No, "kolore" isn't an existing word.

I guess that it was a listening exercise. There is a bug and those currently do not inform the user that there was a typo :|

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