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When will Russian from English get out of beta?

Hello! I'm new here and I have started studying Swedish again. I also want to learn Russian and I'm currently level 4 at it. I read the blogpost about Russian and I'm still wondering when will it be out of beta. I love the mobile app because I can study while I'm in a bus. Does anyone know when is it going to be out of beta so I can study it on my phone. Or when are the developers going to release the betalanguages to mobilephones.

(Sorry for my grammar I'm not native English speaker. I understand English better than I can write.)

December 16, 2015



It`s already out on iOS.


Oh, nice! I didn't know that. Maybe they'll release it soon on anroid then


Have you made sure to check for an update to the app? I have a windows phone and was surprised to see that Russian was available last night.


Yep, I've kept it updated. But because it's available on windows and iOs I think that it will be released in a few days. Thanks for the answers btw


I am sure it is also out for android as well because I updated yesterday and both Russian and Polish had been added to the app. AFAIK their is no correlation between when a course graduates from Beta and when it is released on mobile. To graduate from beta, a course usually must have less than 3 reports per 100 users for everyday, fourteen days in a row. To put this into perspective, yesterday our course had 4.75 reports per 100 users. I hoped this helped!


I really think that question is impossible to answer. I mean, we all have things to do, have to shower, have to study, have to socialize - we're only human! - and all of those things take time and, it's not like someone goes into the shower and records how long they take, no, it's impossible to calculate


That's true. I'm just wondering that does anyone have any kind of clue on this.


You can still do Russian while it's in beta. The courses have to stay in beta till it's more stable and the amount of reports they get is low enough. Nobody really knows when courses get out of beta. Some languages graduated from beta faster and some took longer. Don't worry about your English. If you wouldn't have mentioned that you're not a native English speaker, I'd never have known it.

To see bad native English speakers' spelling, just look on www.infomall.ca and then click on Trading Post, then click on Pets, then on Dogs, and Cats and read the ads and you'll see lots of spelling mistakes, by people who are supposed to know how to spell.

A few examples: "German Shepherd" spelled as "German Sheppard" and "puppies" spelled as "puppy's". People also mix up "they're, their," and "there" in those ads a lot. All native English speakers. Sometimes I've seen "purebred" spelled as "pure bread".

An example today of another spelling mistake. Maybe it's just a typo: The person wrote: "She is great with children very timed, has always been a outside dog, great with other dogs and cats don't bother her... " She means, "very timid" not "very timed."

Besides Duolingo, I love reading those ads.


These kind of mistakes are natural for less-educated natives whereas learners are prone to write with fewer grammar mistakes since they start learning from the written language.

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