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  5. "Whose tea is she drinking?"

"Whose tea is she drinking?"

Translation:Чей чай она пьёт?

December 16, 2015



Funny way to start off a sentence


Why is "чей чай пьёт она" not accepted?


Neutral word order is to put the subject before the verb. See also https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13955228


I was wondering the same. It seemed to me like the second best acceptable word order, but it still wasn't accepted. Russian seems to be more strict in word order than some other Slavic languages where you have more freedom.


Is it just me or does the computer voice seem to pronounce "чей" exactly the same as "чай"? I thought these words were pronounced differently? The Google Translate TTS produces them clearly differently.


You can't rely on the computer voice. If you want to hear how words really sound, copy them individually into forvo.com, to hear actual recordings of real people saying the words.

Duo has had problems with the audio for several months now on PC's using Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. I've submitted bug reports, but so far nothing has been done to fix the problems.

There's no microphone in Edge and Firefox, and while there's a microphone in Chrome, the speakers don't function. It's like two parts of the three monkies of "Hear no, see no, speak no evil"


can someone explain how to know where to use чьи and чей?


Why чай and not чая


Чай is the nominative/inanimate accusative masculine form for "tea". чая is the genitive form. Since "tea" here is the direct object of "drinking", you use the inanimate accusative form, чай.


Чей is just an adjective, there's nothing to require genitive here.

  • 1831

"Чей она пьёт чай?" - не принят.

Все варианты хороши. Тем прекрасен и могуч русский язык - своей гибкостью и множественностью возможных правильных вариантов. Это вам не "подлежащее + сказуемое + второстепенные члены предложения", как в английском. А те, кто пытаются придумать такие правила и "загнать" язык в подобные рамки, или сделать кальку с английского - не прав!


Зря вы так, чаще всего мы с вами говорим - чей чай?


Она пьёт чей чай? Not accepted 26 Aug 2018. Reported.

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