"Ty kochasz dzieci."

Translation:You love children.

December 16, 2015

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Just not too much, please.


Can it be too much? More often, it is not enough.


I almost interpreted this wrong, but yes you are right.


Why isn't "you love the children" acceptable?


I think it should be. You should report it.


Is this the american "love" which means strongly like, or "in love with"? Trying to figure out when to use lubić vs kochać


Self-answer: this should really use uwielbiać which means liking a lot, although the American meaning of to love is apparently making headway in Polish.


As it comes to coffee, "uwielbiać" might be a better option than "kochać" in Polish culture. But... there are several very Polish expressions you can use if you really like coffee very much:

Bardzo, bardzo, bardzo lubię kawę
Mam bzika/kota na punkcie kawy
Jestem wielbicielem kawy
Jestem miłośnikiem kawy
Jestem smakoszem kawy
Kawa to moja słabość
Przepadam za kawą
Szaleję za kawą


Remember guys not all love is sexual


This comment is a really nice surprise, because I always expect some weird pedo-suggesting comment whenever I enter a discussion for a sentence like that :|


Why is it kochasz and not kochacie? I'm struggling to get the difference between -sz and -cie endings.


-sz endings always go with "ty" (second person singular) and -cie endings always go with "wy" (second person plural). So "wy kochacie dzieci" would also be grammatically correct.


Is this a test of my Polish or of my English? I was marked wrong, instead of being warned of a typo, for accidentally answering, "You loves children"


We don't control what typos are just marked as 'typos' and what typos are simply rejected, but for English answers, I believe that if your typo results in another word that you can find in a dictionary, that will be rejected.

I mean, I don't doubt that you know it's not a correct English sentence :D But people learn English here too, it's a recommended practice for Polish people who learn English to take this course as well, because it offers more writing in English (at first, at least).


Thanks. I was mostly angry at myself for moving too fast without double-checking my answer before clicking Check.

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