"I think that you are a good builder."

Translation:Я думаю, что ты хороший строитель.

December 16, 2015

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Mnemonic for "builder": When BUILDER see STRAW, he EAT and become ILL. STRAW+EAT+ILL = строитель


I need all of these :p


Is что really necessary here?


The short answer is no, it isn't necessary. However...

Generally, the more you drop out of your sentence, the less formal / more colloqial the sentence gets. At some point the sentence is no longer good for formal paperwork, then it is no longer good for writing (unless in a messenger) at all.

Dropping "что" here is possible, especially with "you" in the subclause that leaves little room for contexts other than a dialogue, i.e. a verbal conversation.

But you can face a situation where you are to characterize somebody (e.g. an annual appraisal at work), and do it in written. The grammatical construction is exactly the same, but dropping out the "что" is less appropriate because the formality of the situation is greater.

So it is probably better to learn how to make complete sentences first.


По-моему isntead of я думаю seems like the more appropriate phrase to me, any thoughts ?


По-моему is a contraction of a phrase по-моему мнению = in my opinion.

Я думаю = I think.


I used по-моему in my translation, but it was marked wrong 11/19


По-моему is more like as far as I know.


As far as I know = насколько мне известно (literally)


Likewise, but I'm not entirely sure about the grammar then. Should По-моему, ты хороший строитель be accepted?


I switched хороший with строитель and it was marked wrong. Shouldn't that work, as well?


@Omar An architect is not the same as a builder! I too made this mistake. Seems to me that sometimes the most obvious mistakes are often the least obvious when we're learning!


I just had every single letter correctly and it gave me error in one of the words...


Я думаю вас хорошо строителя I made the mistake of thinking "you","good" and "builder" needed to be accusative due to "think". I see that I'm missing out the equivalent of "that".

Does my phrase mean the same thing though?


No, unfortunately it doesn't.

This sentence works practically as if it was direct speech.
'I think: "You are a good builder."'

You just substitute the colon with a comma (optionally followed by "что") to introduce the subclause, and there you go:

Я думаю, /что/ ты есть хороший строитель.


"I think you are a good builder" wrong because no "that" :-/


Why wouldnt вы be accepted here?


I think it should


Yes, it should. Report it.


When I use вы, how come хороший строитель does not go plural?


Because there's only one builder. When you use formal "вы" towards one person, only pronouns, verbs and short adjectives take the plural form. Nouns and long adjectives remain singular.


I wrote хорошо instead of хороший. If i made this mistake talking to russians, hiw confusing would it really be


I feel the need to comment that Строитель appears feminine, but is masculine. W.RT grammatical gender.


Almost all words ending in "-тель" are masculine.


An exception to the guideline of words ending in ь being feminine. I will bear that in mind


It's not an exception. Words ending in "-ь" can be feminine or masculine. The feminine generally outnumber the masculine ones but not to the extent where you can call the latter exceptions.


what’s the difference between строитель and рабочий? Is the second one for every kind of work, including offices works ?

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