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  5. "You are not my uncle."

"You are not my uncle."

Translation:Ти не мій дядько.

December 16, 2015



Мій? How do we know when to switch with моя/мои?

  • 1671

мій is used before masculine nouns:

мій дядько, мій стіл, мій документ

моя is used before feminine nouns:

моя тітка, моя пляшка, моя ложка

моє is used before neuter nouns:

моє життя, моє серце, моє дерево

мої is used before plural nouns of any gender

мої документи, мої ложки, мої дерева

The real question is how to know the noun's gender. I'd suggest just learning the gender with every noun, any dictionary will provide you with this information. Once you're experienced enough, you'll be able to guess the genders according to the ending patterns.

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