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  5. "from South to North"

"from South to North"

Translation:с юга на север

December 16, 2015



от Юга до Севера


I remember 'от' and 'до' are used when you want to set a range of values. Like a range of prices or a range of sizes, on a product search in an online store, for instance. Is it also ok in this context?


We have travelled this land from north to south. Мы изъездили эту страну от севера до юга. We have spent whole day moving from suburb to the city center. Мы потратили день на дорогу от пригорода до центра.

One can use it when stressing on covered territory between said places.


When do you use 'из' and when 'с', to express origin?


I thought c meant with and на meant on or at


They have different meanings when used with other cases.


According to wiktionary, юга is either genitive or accusative plural. Which one is used here, and why is с used instead of another preposition?

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