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  5. "My school is on the right."

"My school is on the right."

Translation:Моя школа — справа.

December 16, 2015



"Справа моя школа", is that grammatically wrong in this case? Or in any case?


In the question just before this, «слева мой дом» was used to convey that "my house is on the left." Following that logic, shouldn't «справа моя школа» be correct here? Why is it marked wrong instead of an acceptable, if different, translation?


Yes, I would like to know this also.


A year after you asked, I'm asking as well, in the hope someone can explain this (but I'm also going to report it as "my answer should have been accepted.)


Same. I feel like this should be correct.


So "Моя" is used for существительные женского рода?

[deactivated user]

    Right. Моя́ is used with feminine nouns (моя шко́ла 'my school'), мой — with masculine (мой университе́т 'my university'), and моё — with neuter (моё образова́ние 'my education').


    Болшой спасибо! Возми lingot


    I've seen other sources that use направо rather than справо. Is that incorrect?

    [deactivated user]

      No, напра́во in this sentence sounds less natural. Напра́во indicates the direction, while спра́ва indicates the position. So, you can идти́ напра́во (meaning 'to go to the right side', i.e. you move righter) and идти́ спра́ва (meaning 'to go on the right side', i.e. you're on the right side but not neccessarily move to the right), but the school doesn't move, so you can only use спра́ва.

      Sometimes this could work, e.g. «Моя́ шко́ла — напра́во» could mean that you need to turn to the right, so it's a direction of your movement. But doesn't sound as good as «Моя́ шко́ла спра́ва».


      What is the difference between справа and на права?

      [deactivated user]
        • Спра́ва = on the right side, at the right side (location),
        • Напра́во = to the right side, towards the right size (direction),
        • На права́ = for the rights/driving license, to get a driving license.


        What would "моя школа - на справе" mean then?

        [deactivated user]

          This would mean "my [Belarusian] school — in reality",

          Russian word "справа" is an adverb, it doesn't have forms of different cases.

          If you use the word "справа" as a noun, it would be understood to be a Belarusian or Ukrainian word. Russian speakers sometimes include Belarusian and Ukrainian words, usually with negative context (the most common example is "мова", meaning "[Belarusian or Ukrainian] language", usually in negative contexts).

          "На справе" in Belarusian means "на деле" in Russian, i.e. 'in deed, in reality, actually'. "Моя школа - на справе" might be a title of an article about the bad state of schools in Belarus, or something like this.


          На справа моя школа

          Surely that should be accepted? "На справа literally means "on the right"


          Sorry, I accidentally hit send when trying to add the other quotation marks after "на справа". Can someone please explain why this is not correct, when it seems to be common speech? I also meant to add, my significant other and mother of my child is a native speaker, and I've spent maybe 8-10 months in Russia on the last few years. Moving there next month too!

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