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"Kupuję albo fioletowe albo niebieskie spodnie."

Translation:I am buying either violet or blue trousers.

December 16, 2015



I already wanted to comment that whichever choice you made, you were making the wrong choice, but this one is a cataclysm of bad choices. Alas, it will at least ease social distancing even in crowded places.


I wonder - Can we omit the first albo?


Yes you can, actually.


I am buying either purple either blue trousers - Why is this incorrect?


Also I'm is not accepted


"I'm" itself is accepted automatically as a contraction of "I am".

The correct translation for "albo... albo", as far as I know, is "either... or", not "either... either".


I used 'neither' and 'nor' instead of 'either' and 'or'. Not correct?


They would be used in a negative sentence: I don't buy neither violet, nor blue trousers. = Nie kupuję ani fioletowych, ani niebieskich spodni.


"I am buying either violet trousers or blue ones" should IMHO be an acceptable answer. Also, the suggested correction was "I am buying either violet or a blue pants." with "or", "a" and "pants" all underlined. The "a" is, of course, superfluous...


Not even superflous, but wrong, isn't it? Removed.

Added your version.


(1) Well, yes, it's wrong, but I don't like to be rude :-)

(2) Thanks!!


(1) Don't worry, you can politely say that something is wrong ;) Sometimes someone put a wrong answer, but more likely it's caused by the alternatives put in brackets - [a/the/] for example work, I believe, with "pair of trousers" here, but not if we omit "pair of" and that's what caused this specific error.


I can't see why "I'm buying either violet or blue trousers" is wrong, when this has exactly the same meaning as "I am buying either violet or blue trousers".


I'd (I had :-) ) always thought that Duo would accept contractions like "I am" -> "I'm".


This should have worked. But it was added relatively recently, perhaps the changes haven't gone live yet...


I'm buying blue or voilet trousers is wrong but in English isn't the "either" implied in translation. In normal use people often omit the either


Well, as the structure is "albo... albo", I think we should keep to the "either... or" English structure.


You don't need the "either" in English. It is implied when you write / say "or." You are doing one thing (buying violet trousers) or another (blue ones).


Generally yes, but we need it to show how "albo... albo" works. Similarly, you can (and usually do) just use the second "albo", using it twice is an emphasis that "either... or" shows well.

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