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  5. "Money is not everything."

"Money is not everything."

Translation:Pieniądze to nie wszystko.

December 16, 2015


  • 1842

The word "to" is a bit special - it is actually not one word, but these are 5 different words, that are written the same.

  1. One of the most important pronouns. Pronouns are very important in Polish.
  2. A particle, that replaces verb "być" (to be) in complex predicate: "Warszawa to stolica Polski" (Warsaw is the capital of Poland) , "Ania to dobra uczennica" (Ania is a good student) , "Czas to pieniądz" (Time is money); This particle may also replace a contruction "to jest" (this is, it is): "To ja" (This is me), "Kto to?" (who is this?), "To prawda" (This is true), "To tu" (It is here), "To za daleko" (It is too far away).
  3. A connective that joins two sentences, of which the second is the consequence of the first: "Zdejmij koszulę, to ci przyszyję guzik" (Take off the shirt, then I'll sew the button), "Przyjechał wcześnie, to dużo załatwił" (He came early, so he arranged a lot). It may also connect sentences in a dialogue: "Kupiłem chleb. - To dobrze." (I bought a bread. - Good.)
  4. A particle serving for greater expression: "Któż to przyszedł?" (Who came!?)
  5. A particle serving to separate in a sentence the known or obvious information from something new: "W zeszłym roku o tej porze, to lało" (Last year in this season, it was heavily raining).

This may be also interesting to read: "to"


Can this sentence be written using "jest" and not "to"?

  • 1842

Since "pieniądze" is plural form, you also need to use the verb in plural: Pieniądze nie wszystkim. This phrase is, however, very unnatural and unlikely to be used.

The phrase Pieniądze to nie wszystko is a sort of proverb, a set phrase, so it is basically the best translation possible.


What is the difference between pieniądze i pieniędzy

  • 1842
  • pieniądze is plural Nominative and plural Accusative
  • pieniędzy is plural Genitive

See also the declension table: http://sgjp.pl/leksemy/#5080/pieni%C4%85dz
"A guide on "X is Y" and "This is Y" constructions" https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/16373167
"What Is Genitive Used For" https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/16569658

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