"Nasze społeczeństwo szanuje starych ludzi."

Translation:Our society respects old people.

December 16, 2015

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Speaking of respect... The phrase "starzy ludzie" (old people) is not respectful at all.

Nasze społeczeństwo szanuje starszych ludzi - Our society respects elderly (people)


We need a wikihow's tips&tricks about pronouncing społeczeństwo


Why not one on how to pronounce particularly tricky Slavic words? I still partially struggle with bedspread and the toothbrush, and I brace myself for especially lengthy words with disproportionately many consonants as opposed to few vowels to balance it.


Well, technically, szczoteczka and prześcieradło have no more than two consecutive vowels.

Sorry, I meant consonants, of course.


At least most consonants are soft and create the opportunity to smoothly pronounce the word, unlike many of the few Czech words I so far know. A quick off-topic question: Are there any words in Polish that do not feature any vowels at all? Just curious, as I again had to think of the one sentence I read somewhere in Czech that did not feature any vowel, in any of the words. I still cannot believe that anyone could speak this way fluidly, without any interruptions because the collusion is so hard to pronounce.


Well... words like "w" or "z" don't have any :D I don't believe Polish has anything like Czech "smrt".


Can this also be translated to "our society respects the elderly"?


Why not, added.

Oh wait, it actually worked already.


Didn't know if it would and was being a bit of a wimp and not wanting to just guess. Sorry if it put you out having to check. You do a hell of a lot for us polish learners, so thank you


No problem, it's a moment - although well, it's true that I'd prefer if you checked first :D If you don't want to lose a heart or something, though, you can just ask.

You're welcome :)


In the UK we generally say 'older people' as a respectful way to describe this group, but Duo marked this as incorrect. :-(


It's didactically a bit problematic, since we want learners to tell comparatives and positives apart, but since Polish does the very same thing here it's only fair to accept your answer. Added now.

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