"Ten pomidor jest smaczny."

Translation:This tomato is tasty.

December 16, 2015

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Don't confuse grammatical gender with "to be masculine/feminine"! It's the same with e.g. le/la in French or der/die/das in German. All nouns with the "le" article in French are not "masculine" by their essence. There IS not even a neutral grammatical gender in that language, only masculine (le) or feminine (la) grammatical gender!


If Ten is masculine how can a tomato be masculine? Im getting better at the different tenses butttt xD


This tomato is tasty.


can we say To pomidor smaszny


No, not really. You can say "To (jest) smaczny pomidor." but then it would mean "This is a tasty tomato."


Is "ten" to be used before a masculine noun is used? so it would be "Ta" is pomidor was feminine?


yes, like 'ta dziewczynka'. but pomidor IS masculine.


This voice is swallowing so many consonants that it makes it hard to understand


Actually, our current voices are very good in my opinion. What do you mean, what is swallowed? And one question: do you realize that "cz" in "smaczny" is one sound?


Yes, it is true you have excellent voices, except one, too fast, and swallowing some important consonants/words. just a small example , on je jablko. You do not hear the je. for small sentences it is ok, but if there are long sentences. I will provide one of the sentences if I encounter a situation like this. Thank you for your kind response.


Why is it "ten" instead of "tym", if the sentence is in instrumental?


Nothing in this sentence is in Instrumental.

I understand that you could expect Instrumental after "jest", but that only happens if after "jest" you have a noun (or a noun phrase). If it's just an adjective, the case stays unchanged.

And "this tomato" is the subject of the sentence, so regardless of what comes after, this definitely takes Nominative: "ten pomidor".

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