"Rzadko noszę spodnie."

Translation:I rarely wear trousers.

December 16, 2015

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Sounds like me on the weekends.


Honey, where are my paaaants


In fact, I'm not wearing any right now.


I get arrested a lot.


"I wear trousers seldom" was not accepted, but "I seldom wear trousers" was.


Added that word order as well.


That word order is really not standard. Seldom should be placed before the verb.


Alright, we decided to remove it after all.


"I wear trousers rarely," "I rarely wear trousers," and "Rarely, I wear trousers" are all perfectly acceptable in English speech and writing. We are here to learn Polish, not to dispute the relative frequency of variations of correct English usage.


This course is also for Polish speakers to learn English.


In which case they should not be learning incorrect information about acceptable variations in sentence order.


We tried to find out a sentence in which this would work. Our British contributor came up with this:

In general I don't wear clothes at all but sometimes, just rarely, I wear trousers. And get arrested quite often, presumably.

I wear trousers rarely - I can't think of a context in which that would be natural, unless it was followed by , a skirt often and shorts only when it's hot.

Without further context, those really are not word orders we'd like to allow given what Julia wrote above.


Jellei, this is frustrating (in part because I now suspect your lessons are teaching me "rules" about Polish word order that don't exist). I am a native English speaker. I teach writing to university students. I work with both native speakers and international students, so I am comfortable considering and explaining what kinds of word order are common and natural in speech and writing. All of the following examples for word order are perfectly acceptable and NATURAL in English speech and in writing!

"I rarely wear trousers. I find that dresses and skirts are more comfortable."

" I wear dresses all the time. Rarely, I wear trousers."

" I wear trousers rarely. I'm most comfortable in skirts."

If you still doubt that this is true, please ask a linguist to confirm it. Your British friend sounds unreliable as a source.


OK, I'm persuaded. Added now.


Kto potrzebuje ubrań, gdy jest ciepło?


I wrote "rarely I wear trousers". marked incorrect. not something most people would say, but it's still plausible.


Google gives about 1.5 million results for "I rarely wear", about 127,000 for "rarely do I wear". There are only about 25,000 for "rarely I wear", and some will be in sentences like "you know how rarely I wear trousers". I don't think it's unreasonable for Duolingo to reject it.

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