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"Moja siostra chodzi do szkoły podstawowej."

Translation:My sister goes to primary school.

December 16, 2015



I think you can also use it without the 'a'> 'My sister goes to primary school' meaning the level of education she is having and not the kind of school she is going to

[deactivated user]

    I'll second this.

    "A" (considering this sentence uses chodzić) would suggest the sister is routinely going to a random primary school every day.

    It should really skip the article in the answer.


    "a" doesn't necessarily suggest that. It could be the same school, just not a specified one.


    Would "My sister walks to primary school" be worded differently?


    It can be worded the same way (and it's accepted), but if you want to be unambiguous, it's safer to add the 'on foot' part: Moja siostra chodzi do szkoły [na piechotę/piechotą/pieszo].


    Grade school?

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