"Zawsze o tym zapominasz!"

Translation:You always forget about this!

December 16, 2015



A Russian false friend. "Zapominajesz" means "you memorize" aj jaj jaj :-(

June 1, 2016


То же самое хотел сказать.

January 2, 2017


you keep forgetting about it?

December 16, 2015


I think that would be,"zwasze o niego zapominasz" but I am not sure.

May 11, 2016


it should be "Zawsze o nim zapominasz" to be grammatically correct. (I'd say "Ciągle o tym/nim zapominasz")

May 11, 2016


You always forget about this. Always you forget about this. I decided to arrange the words on this test, in the second example. And I was marked wrong as I expected. Although the words are arranged differently they surely amount to the same thing. I m sorry but I really struggle to get how Polish written sentences mean something completely different when translated into English

August 4, 2017


The Polish word order is much more flexible (but definitely not free), and it puts the 'new information' at the end. If we were to translate "You always forget about this" literally we would get "Ty zawsze zapominasz o tym", which is generally okay, but it's like "about THIS", a lot of emphasis. It seems to me that 'forgetting' would usually be the most important part if you want to utter such sentence.

August 5, 2017
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