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  5. "Мы уже ходим в школу."

"Мы уже ходим в школу."

Translation:We already go to school.

December 16, 2015



This is in present tense so I guess this means that we are already at the age of going to school?


Yes, and "to be going" would be "идти".


Why is "to the school" not accepted?


I think that it's because the presence of "the" means a specific school, which is hard to justify when the sentence is supposed to mean that you have begun classes and go to school regularly.


I don't quite understand how my answer is incorrect. What is the difference? You said, "We already go to school," and I (incorrectly, you said) put, "We already are going to school." Is this one of those subtle Russian verb things that doesn't exist in English?


We are going to school already = Мы уже идём в школу.


You "are going" at the moment, you "go" generally, because you're a pupil. And here you уже = already are a pupil.


I'm kind of confused by this comment. In American English, the phrase "go to school" is not only the primary way of communicating that one is of school age and regularly attends school as a student, but it is SO MUCH the primary way people communicate this idea that if one were to say "[I/we/they] go to school" as a means for communicating anything OTHER than "we are students who attend school," I'm quite certain it would cause some confusion. One exception I can think of is if "Go to school" were a stand-alone sentence. A parent might say "go to school" as a directive to their kids if the kids were running late in the morning, or maybe at the end of a conversation right before the kids leave for school, like: "Ok, go to school. I'll see you tonight."


I agree, however there seem to be non-native English speakers using the English to Russian course, at varying levels of fluency, that a lot of confusion is brought by simply not understanding English sentences well enough.


Listening at normal speed it sounds like the first word is Мужа.


I came here to see if it was just me that thought so. Is this how a Russian speaker would pronounce it, or did the robot voice blend them together unintentionally?


В школу - is that accusative?


So does мы ходим mean we go or we walk?


"We are already walking to school" is accepted.


In common Russian parlance that phrase is also used to convey: "we are already attending school". Should not be faulted.


Leaving a comment in hopes of someone enlightening me more about this word ходим, and how it differs from идём. From what I can tell from comments above and from the examples I looked up in Reverso, perhaps ходим is more about the general idea of 'going' or 'attending' a place or event? As opposed to идём which is physically 'going' or 'walking' into a place?

Thanks in advance for confirming

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