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Appreciation of and suggestion for the new assignments feature

Love the idea of the update! Increased accountability is always wonderful.

However, one of Duolingo's strong suits is its ability to individualize. If, instead of assigning one assignment to the entire class, we had the ability to assign specific students specific assignments with their own specific due dates, that would be much preferred.

In addition to just lessons and points, I can imagine a tree-golding assignment as well--consistent review is far more valuable than doing a lesson one time and never touching it again.

Again, thanks for all you do and the update!

December 16, 2015



Thank you for your feedback! I agree - every learner is different! In the future, we hope to investigate the feasibility of creating individual lessons. In the meanwhile, we recommend assigning the "Collect Points!" assignment for classrooms where your students might be at different levels - in this scenario, students can continue to learn at their own pace (while having some accountability).


I agree! I love the new updates, but would really love to be able to assign different lessons to different students. Overall, I am extremely pleased with the Duolingo school offerings.

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