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Turning off sound on the app?

I'd like to turn off the automatic reading of text in the app. Just setting it for no listening exercises doesn't help, and just turning off the media volume won't work for me because I like to listen to music while I practice. Is there any way to do this?

(And PLEASE no lectures on why I shouldn't listen to music while studying)

2 years ago

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Sorry can't help. But I listen to tv, set is behind me, while I practice. Lectures would do no good. I am a senior citizen- listened to tv all thru school including college while I studied, and then later when I worked form home did the same. Just had had to make sure it wasn't something that did not distracted me. So I certainly would not lecture you about music. Since I listen to TV on a different device , I can still have sound on my lessons, and if I have a problem just turn the volume down on the tv, and I often have to do that in the listening exercises..
We all do things our on way. Hope you find a way to solve your problem.

2 years ago