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Is boy chlopiec or chlopak

December 16, 2015



It can be both, but chłopiec is used more as a diminutive from boy, more for small kids let's say, and chłopak is more used to refer a more grown boy, also as a bf, but my gf rarely use it as a -boyfriend-. Polish crew correct me if I'm wrong.


It's not exactly the diminutive form, it would be: chłopiec -> chłopczyk and chłopak -> chłopaczek. But in general it's used as you've described.

And yes, chłopak is also usually used as boyfriend (and dziewczyna as girlfriend), not chłopiec and dziewczynka (which is the diminutive of dziewczyna). I can imagine my grandmother saying mój chłopiec jest silny (my boyfriend is strong) when she was young (even about 20) - but nowadays a girl would say mój chłopak jest silny.


Wouldn't it be "Chłopczek" instead of chłopaczek??


Nope, "chłopaczek" is right, although no one really uses this form


'chłopaczek' is actually pretty derogatory, that's why it's not often used.


An example came to my mind: Przyszedł taki chłopaczek na siłownię... (A boy came to the gym) - I think about a boy who has never trained, has no muscles and I don't believe he will be strong one day ;)


Rozumiem! dzięki wielkie! :)

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“Chłopiec” implies that the boy is rather little – think about kindergarten or primary school children.

“Chłopak” usually means an older boy, but is sometimes also be used to refer to children. It can also mean “boyfriend“, depending on the context.


I am confused. If Chlopak is used to describe older boy then why is it used in a sentence that states "The Little boy..."?


Well, that sounds rather like an oxymoron, I don't think it should be.

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