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Hearing whether it's plural or singular.

This has to do with questions where you translate from ear. Besides from inferring from semantics whether it is plural or not, how would it be possible for me to tell between whether something said was plural or singular?

June 1, 2012



Sometimes you can get it from the article. The difference between 'le' and 'les' is often easier to hear than the 's' on the end of the word itself.


Les grandes robes des femmes. --> an example. Pronounciated in the question and translated to English I have the hardest time whether to write "de femme" or "des femmes" and "le grand" vs. "les grandes".


This has been a real problem for me. Whether their are "s" endings to certain pronounced words has been extremely hard to differentiate. I would love to know to find out how I could go about in doing so. Even a rule of thumb would be helpful.


The verb conjugation is also often helpful in this case.as the nous/vous conjugations are generally the most audibly noticeable.


I can guarantee that this problem alone accounts for atleast 70% of my mistakes, the other 20 being macsuline/feminine. and the last 10% being lazy.


"Leur petite robe" vs "Leurs petites robes" another example. It's the same pronuntiation.


I can't hear the difference either

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