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  5. "My name is Adam."

"My name is Adam."

Translation:Nazywam się Adam.

December 16, 2015



I interpret this as i have for a name adam, we say, my name is adam.


For "Mam na imię X" and "Nazywam się X" does the name (X) take nominative?


Yes, it does.


Mam Adam na imię


"Adam mi na imię" or "Adam się nazywam" or "Na imię mi Adam" or "Imię moje to Adam" are also correct and really not so awkward or uncommon.


Well they all sound like playing with language, and at this stage of learning maybe it's too early to encourage the learners to do so ;) "Na imię mi Adam" seems most natural to me from those options and I added it.


It should be "mam na imię Adam", your sentence sounds unnatural.


My sentence is correct, just not as widely used.


That's why I said "unnatural" not "incorrect". I've never heard anyone introducing himself that way.


'sie' isn't GIVEN as a choice anywhere??


Please what does "na" mean in this sentence ?

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If you mean "na" in another possible answer "Mam na imię Adam" or "Na imię mi Adam"- it is simply an idiom. Just remember, that when you say the verb "mieć" + someone's first name, you always need to add "na" before "imię". This is by far less commom with surname (some people say so, but you do not have to use "na" with a surname). So this way you may distinguish first name from surname.

If you mean "na" in the beginning of the verb "nazywać/nazywać się" (imperfective) https://sjp.pwn.pl/szukaj/nazywa%C4%87.html - it is just a part of the verb. In Polish there are plenty of verbs that share the same stem, but have different prefixes, thus changing a little bit their meaning. In this case however, in modern language there is only one other verb in the family "nazwać/nazwać się" (perfective), and no more other variants , there is only an alchaic verb without the prefix "zwać/zwać się" which means basically the same, but less formal.

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