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  5. "This is my coworker."

"This is my coworker."

Translation:To mój kolega z pracy.

December 16, 2015



Is the 'z pracy' really necessary? "Kolega" means friend/colleague, right?


Yes, it is. Polish word "kolega" has a broader meaning that English collegue or co-worker. If you use "kolega" without the addition "z pracy" it could mean any kind of acquaintance ranging from your co-worker, that you barely know personally to your friend. There is a quite funny tendency among some Polish native speakers to actually use "kolega/koleżanka" instead of "przyjaciel/przyjaciółka" (friend) with no meaning change. Some use it interchangeably .


My father used kolega when speaking with his army buddy of many years - using it instead of the more formal "Pan Stas" - Even though they were best friends for decades they never used each other's first name without one or the other title.

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Co-worker translates directly to 'współpracownik', but means also 'kolega z pracy'. And 'kolega' may be also from the gym/school/etc.


Yes, "kolega" means not very close friend. It could be somebody with whom you hang out from time to time. I'd say "kolega z pracy" means you know this person only from work. Sometimes you don't even know him personally.


"Kolega" is also from school, university, gym etc.


Shouldn't 'To moja koleżanka z pracy' have been accepted?


Yes, definitely. We had an error which made it rejected, I just fixed it, thanks for reporting.


This translation is incorrect. 'To moj kolega z pracy'translated correctly would be 'This is my friend from work' not 'This is my co-worker.'


idiom /ˈɪdɪəm/ n
a group of words in a fixed order that have a particular meaning that is different from the meanings of each word on its own


'To jest mój wspólnik' is not accepted but I thought it's a synonym with współpracownik


No, that's rather a "partner" in business. Or a "business associate".


why "to jest moim kolegą z pracy" does not work?


It sounds as if you used the word "to" as a noun, which doesn't really make sense and frankly, sounds offensive, as if you considered your coworker an "it".

Instrumental can be used in an "X is Y" sentence (where X is either a noun phrase or a personal pronoun: Marek jest moim kolegą/On jest moim kolegą), not in a "This is Y" sentence. In "This is Y", "Y" takes Nominative.


ok clear, thank you !


I prefer this sentence easier to say and remember

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