"L'eau est sale."

Translation:The water is dirty.

January 11, 2013



This must be the same water from a previous exercise, that said "L'eau est noire".

May 29, 2013


Not surprisingly the rice was black after it was cooked with that water.

May 30, 2013


I thought she said the water and salt. oh well

June 5, 2013


oops thought it said that the water was alone.

April 8, 2013


Is sale masculine or feminine?

July 16, 2013



June 24, 2015


Is there a difference in pronunciation of "l'eau" (water) and "loup" (wolf)?

June 5, 2013


l'eau is pronounced more like "low" in english and loup more like "loo"

June 12, 2013


Is "the water is bad" also a correct translation?

January 13, 2013


Wouldn't that be "l'eau est mal"

June 5, 2013


I said it in english accidentally, and it still accepted it. Then I tried saying completely unrelated things, and it still took it. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever had my speaking rejected...

June 7, 2013


I have; sometimes I have to pronounce it worse (with pauses between the words, which good French should not have) to get it to accept it.

June 24, 2015


I haven't tried saying anything incorrectly. Maybe it only records you so you can play it back, and it only rejects the recording if it can't hear you well enough to record the sound?

June 15, 2013


How do I play back what I've spoken?

June 24, 2015


this is confusing, i thought it said the wolf is dirty: le loup est sale, but noooo it had to be the water is dirty .-. there are very similar words in french specially when it comes to pronunciating it, this thing doesn't make any changes in the variations of words/

June 20, 2013


isn't water (l'eau) masculine, why does this adjective (sale) end in an "e"?

July 12, 2013


No, actually water is feminine. I think that the masculine version of sale is sal.

October 17, 2013


No, the masculine is also "sale", although you're right that "eau" is feminine.

June 24, 2015


Im sure duo never taught me "sale" before. And it sucks that this one doesnt tell you the translation of the word, while the desktop version does.

April 30, 2015


The Android version gives the translation if you tap the word. But sometimes that stops working if I take a long pause in the middle of the lesson.

June 24, 2015


Its a Muddy Water ;)

July 16, 2015


Does it lower your accuracy?

August 26, 2015


Question: I know that French employs definite articles in many cases where English would use no article at all, but is it also more common in French to use the definite article where English might be more likely to employ demonstrative adjectives 'this' or 'that' or possessive adjectives 'my', 'your', 'her', etc.?

I ask, because, having introduced demonstrative and possessive adjectives, Duolingo rarely employs them in sentences, such as we have here, where they would make sense and be very commonly used in English. I've noticed that, outside of the specific units that introduced both demonstrative, and to a lesser degree, possessive adjectives, these are rarely given in example sentences where they might be. This leaves me wondering if they are just not as common in French as they are in English.

January 30, 2016


How do u pronounce "L'eau" i cant get it right

April 11, 2016


Similar to low or l'oh

May 14, 2016


l'eau est sale the water is dirty

January 4, 2017


I thought that water is salted

February 7, 2017


this is werd

April 19, 2017
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